This page will give us some sneak previews of the DOCM silliness.



 Pictured above is the DOCM booth at one convention complete with the
"Peeing Boy Award for Choice Sow In Show"


 Val Horning is tickled to be awarded Choice Sow in Show by pro-wrestler "RIP ROGERS" and his manager the late "CRY BABY" George Cannon



 You never know what the DOCM have planned - anything from dancing cavies to dancing chickens


The ever-popular Easter bonnet parade being led by DOCM President - Charles Steel



One of the newer inductees into the DOCM - Bill Robertson - puckers up to assist president Pappy Steel for the annual rose presentation at the 2000 convention in Sarnia


Tradition was broken at the convention in Peterborough when the most outrageous award stayed in Canada.  After Anthony entered a burnt sienna maple leaf crested, a fuschia & green parti colour and an invisible plaid, he was a shoe-in for the winner of the outrageous award. 



 DOCM President Pappy Steel & Mortimer visit with the Green Frog in Aylmer, ON - site of OCC Convention 2004.  Mortimer has retired to MN and the bug contest has been cancelled.




See you all at the next 2013 Convention

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