2017 Show Schedule for the Ontario Cavy Club

March 18th - Fundraiser – Gorrie, ON (Double)

Show Secretary  Kelly Roth -  kjroth2001@gmail.com

Judges –  Donated Judges   

Sponsored by Jones Feed Mill - https://www.jfm.ca/       


Results  Pink Show 

Results Green Show 

March 31st - April 1st – Ontario Cavy Club Convention – Campbellville, Ont. (Single)

Show Secretary – Jenica Baulk-Smith & Heather Baulk-Smith

Judges – Jason Whitehurst & Becky Milks

AGM meeting also.


May 6th – Rockton – Rockton, Ont. (Single)

Show Secretary – Lexi Haslam - scoutergirllulu@hotmail.com 

Judges – Kelly Roth 


June 3rd – Michigan Friendship Show –  Corunna, MI USA (Single)

Show Secretary  Elizabeth Eisel-Gutcher - elizabeth.eisel933@hotmail.com

Judges –  Mary Lou Eisel 


June 24th – Schomberg, Ont. (Double)

Show Secretary –  Greg Elchuk - turtlewoodfarm@gmail.com

Judges – Erica Leslie  &  Kelly Roth

Results E. Leslie

Results K. Roth

July 8th – Peterborough Show – Peterborough, Ont.  (Double)

Show Secretary – Elizabeth Eisel- Gutcher - elizabeth.eisel933@hotmail.com

Judges – John Gray  & Liz Voigt 

AGM meeting also.

Results  J.Gray 

Results  L.Voigt 

July 22nd – Aylmer Show – Aylmer, ON (Double)

Show Secretary – Erica Leslie - mylittacaviary@hotmail.com

Judges –  Elizabeth Eisel-Gutcher & Heather Baulk Smith 

Club Challenge Show - Judge -  Marissa Roth 


Results  E. Eisel-Gutcher 

Results  H.Baulk-Smith 

August 26th  – OCC and DBRCA Friendship Show  Barrie, Ont. (Single)

Show Secretary – Luke Meija - turtlewoodfarm@gmail.com

Judge – Linda Mason 

October 14th – Komoka Show – Komoka, Ont. (Single OCC and Single ARBA)

Show Secretary – Marissa Roth -  marlynnroth04@gmail.com

Judges – Mike  Bridges &  Elizabeth Eisel-Gutcher 

AGM meeting also.

November 19th - Thorold Show - Thorold, Ont. (Double)

Show Secretary - Darlene Elchuk -  turtlewoodfarm@gmail.com

Judges - Denise Robertson Wesselenyi  & Suzette Rundle 

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