Below is a list of breeders and members of the Ontario Cavy Club.

You might just find your beloved pet or two from one of the breeders listed below. 



B & B Rabbit and Cavy Farm                                                                                              

B & B Rabbit and Cavy Farm on Facebook

The Dart Family

Selwyn, Ontario

Mini Lops, Thrianta and Dutch rabbits.

Smooth Coat, Crested, Skinny, and Abyssinian Cavies

 Valoriel Critters

Valoriel Cavies on Facebook

Heather Baulk-Smith and Norm Eygenraam

Palmerston, Ontario

Curlies - Boucles, Texels and Merinos

Teddies, Satin Smooth Coats (White, Cream & Buff)

Tans - black and chocolate - in Smooth Coats, Cresteds, Texels, and working on Satin Cresteds

Black Gold Cavies

Mary Lou Eisel

Aylmer, Ontario

Smooth Coats in Dalmatian, Himalayan, Marten, Tan, and Satin Smooth Coats in Rainbow. Working on Californian White Crested.

Odyssey Peruvians

Odyssey Peruvians on Facebook

Elizabeth Eisel-Gutcher

Lambton County, Ontario  

Peruvians in Roan, Agouti, Solid, Self, Parti and

TSW. Occasional Peruvian Satins, Silkies and


               HRBD Cavies 

                       HRBD cavies on Facebook , HRBD cavies on Instragram 

                         Julie Consoli,  Hamilton  ON 

                         Parti Smooth Coats, Rainbow Texels and Himalayn Siklies

Black Magick Cavies

Black Magick Cavies on Facebook

Carolyn Brown  

London, Ontario 

Beautiful, loving Peruvians available occasionally. Retired adults and show potential babies. We ship with Air Canada.

K5 Caviary

Karen Waite  

Candor, New York  

40 years in the fancy with TSW smooths

Abys in BC (rainbow), TSW , roan, some brindles, some pastel roans, Smooths in TSW and Marten. 

No pictures, no pedigrees. I show in Canada several times a year and bring some with me, you pick them out at the show.

Room for One More  Caviary 

Brent & Kitsie Morris 

Raising Teddies, Swiss and Self Smooth Coat. 

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If you are a member of the Ontario Cavy Club

and would like your caviary listed on this page,

please email Lexi Haslam at


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