Below is a list of breeders and members of the Ontario Cavy Club.

You might just find your beloved pet or two from one of the breeders listed below. 



 Valoriel Critters

Valoriel Cavies on Facebook

Heather Baulk-Smith and Norm Eygenraam

Palmerston, Ontario

Teddies, Satin Teddies 

Smooth Coats, Satin Smooths (Californias)

Tans - black and chocolate - in Smooth Coats

Galactic Peruvians Kandra Irons Oshawa, Ontario Focused breeding on Peruvians for color and temperament.  Occasional Lunkarya litters usually in self colors.

Janot's Cavies 

Janot's Cavies on Facebook 

Jean Doyon 

Scott, Quebec

Abyssinians, Smooth Coats, Satin Smooth Coats, Teddies, Satin Teddies

Odyssey Peruvians

Odyssey Peruvians on Facebook

Elizabeth Eisel-Gutcher

Caledonia, Ontario  

Peruvians in Parti and TSW. Occasional Peruvian Satins

Golden Solid Smooths Coats and Satin Smooth Coats 

            Port Weller Cavies 


                         Kathryn Powers,  St Catharines,  ON 


Peek-a-boo Pigs

Susan Lybolt 

Royal Oak, Michigan  

Smooth Coats, Satin Smooth Coats

Truffles Guinea Pigs 

Truffles Guinea Pigs on Facebook 

Shirley Bird 

Orillia, ON 

Peruvians, Silkies, Tan and Marten Smooth Coats 




If you are a member of the Ontario Cavy Club

and would like your caviary listed on this page,

please email Mary Lou Eisel at


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