"The aim of the Ontario Cavy Club is to encourage the hobby of raising purebred cavies for exhibition and for pleasure." 

"We offer fellowship and assistance in raising cavies for show or as pets. "

Our yearly online auction to raise funds for convention can be found on Facebook.  It will run from February 21-28/23





The OCC offers on average of nine shows per year throughout Ontario but mostly in the South West. 


The OCC has their annual convention show in the spring which offers pet and youth activities at the shows.


Membership in the OCC entitles you to our informative newsletter published quarterly. Show flyers and catalogues are available on request. 



Cavy Standard


Head, Eyes & Ears:

Head to be short and broad with good width to the muzzle. Eyes to be large, bold and bright.

Ears to be large rose petal shaped, drooping and set with good width between.



Body is to be firm, fit and of good size and weight appropriate to age.


*Of course coat type and colour will affect standard depending on the breed of cavy you own and are showing*

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