Guidelines & OCC/ARBA Standard Differences

1. BREEDS - Abyssinian, Satin Abyssinian, Boucle, Coronet, Crested,Satin Crested, Merino, Peruvian, Satin Peruvian, Silkie, Satin Silkie, Smooth, Satin Smooth, Teddy, Satin Teddy, Texel. (All Breeds with a Crest are Accepted in Both White Crested & Self Crested).

2. COLOURS - Beige, Black, Buff, Chocolate, Cream, Lilac, Orange, Red, White, Dilute Agouti, Golden Agouti, Silver Agouti, Solid Dilute, Solid Golden, Solid Silver, Dalmatian, Dutch, Himalayan, Parti, Tortoiseshell, TSW, Brindle, Roan, Tan & Marten.

DIFFERENCES(a) Brindle is accepted in any 2 self colours except white (which would be a roan). (b) Buff (hot or brassy cream) is an accepted colour. (c) Orange is accepted in both red & dark eyed. (d) TSW & Parti (B/C) - all colours on the cavy must have at least one patch of 2" in diameter. Colours on a parti colour do not need to be recognized colours.3. RARE VARIETIES - for Standards Committee approved nonstandard breeds & colours. Breeds - Satin Coronet, Satin Texel, Satin Merino, Satin Boucle, Ridgeback, Satin Ridgeback, Crested Ridgeback, Satin Crested Ridgeback, Crested Teddy, Satin Crested Teddy, Skinny Pig & Baldwin. Colours - Seal, Chocolate Himalayan, Otter, Rainbow (banded), Dapple, Sable, Pastel Dalmatian & Stilson Blue. Rare Varieties do not compete for Best In Show.

4.OTHER CLASSES - (a) Sow & Litter - Short, Rough, Curly or Long Classes. 1 to 4 week old litter of more than 1 baby. (b) Boar & Son -Short, Rough, Curly or Long Classes. 4 to 12 week old son & his father. (c) Breeders’ Pen - class to consist of one boar and two sows. They are to be from the same group i.e. Short, Long, Curly, Rough except that Teddies & Abys cannot be in a trio. They will be judged on the potential to produce quality offspring. Animals with colour faults & disqualifications can be entered. Sow & Litter, Boar & Son and Breeders' Pen do not compete for Best In Show.

5. AGE & SEX CLASSES - There are 6 classes for every colour variety in every breed as follows: (a) Senior Boar & Senior Sow - over 6 months & over 32 oz. (b) Intermediate Boar & Intermediate Sow - 4 to 6 months & 22 to 32 oz. (c) Junior Boar & Junior Sow - under 4 months - 12 to 22 oz.

6. Judges and their immediate family are prohibited from entering in the breeds that judge is evaluating. Cavies obtained from a judge may not be shown under that judge for a period of 30 days from the date acquired.

7. Youth awards are open to any person under the age of 16. Please inform the secretary when entering that the exhibitor is a youth.

8. Please note that the OCC no longer offers awards for Novice exhibitors. There will be a special commemorative to all first time exhibitors at all OCC shows in place of novice awards.

9. Exhibitors must not interfere with a judge, with clerks or carriers or harass them in any way on penalty of having their entire entry eliminated without refund. The decision to eliminate the entry of any guilty party rests with the judge or Show Chairperson.

10. Permanent ear tags are not required. Each entry will be assigned a coop number and the number is to be written on a piece of tape and put on one ear.




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